Festival Agenda

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9:15 AM

Opening Remarks by Organizing Chairperson

Sheila Shanmugam
Mindshare Group - Malaysia

9:25 AM

Advertising Recession

Navigating brand purpose in the face of an advertising recession: emerging rrends and landscape changes

9:45 AM

AI Revolution in Marketing today

Discovering how artificial intelligence and automation are changing the media landscape

10:05 AM

Business Growth & Brand Love?

Examining the shift towards outcome-based media planning and the enduring value of brand love.

10:35 AM

The Convergence of Technologies: How 5G and Beyond Will Reshape Marketing and Media

Uncover and unearth new possibilities in the world of marketing & media that will reshape the way we operate

11:00 AM

Retail Media: The Convergence of Commerce and Social

Explore how social commerce is revolutionizing retail through influencer marketing and data-driven strategies.

11:25 AM

Measuring ROI in pDOOH

Examine methods for measuring the return on investment (ROI) of pDOOH advertising campaigns and tracking their impact on brand awareness and sales

11:55 AM

The Social Media Revolution in Commerce

Examining the changes in social media that are transforming business-audience connections.

12:15 PM

The Evolving Role of Influencers

Assessing the impact of influencers on brands and the metrics for successful partnerships

12:45 PM

Emerging Tech - AR and VR

Investigating the potential of augmented and virtual reality to create immersive experiences

1:05 PM

Lunch Break

2:05 PM

Keluar Sekejap - Navigating the Future of Media Communication: Trends and Challenges

The future of media thrives on advanced technologies, requiring media pros to focus on diverse skills, personalization, and ethics to build trust

3:05 PM

Digital Banking Evolution

Explore how digital banking is reshaping customer acquisition and commerce

3:25 PM

Advertising Amidst Conflict - War?

Addressing the unique challenges and ethical considerations for brands and agencies

3:55 PM


The power of storytelling in content marketing and monetization

4:25 PM

Closing Remarks by Organizing Chairperson

Sheila Shanmugam Mindshare Group - Malaysia

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