ReImagine Audience Measurement​

Since the inception of advertising campaigns, measuring their performance has been imperative. It has never been easy. But in today’s complex media ecosystem, with rapidly changing consumer behaviours and a proliferation of media channels, it takes on many new dimensions. Let us reimagine a world where measuring the performance of cross-media campaigns is revolutionised, making it not only accurate and efficient, but also more modern and holistic.

Suparna Verma

Chief Strategy Officer, Media Prima Omnia ​

Suparna, Chief Strategy Officer at Omnia, Media Prima Group, heads ‘Consumer Insights’ as well as ‘Business Strategy’ divisions across all 5 media: television, radio, print, digital and out of home. In her 15 years+’ experience in Media Research, Suparna has worked with multiple leading agencies across borders. Her love for Media Research started with Indian Readership Survey (IRS) the world’s largest publication research and in Malaysia she has continued to uncover the consumer behaviour across media services and categories like finance, automotive, FMCG and telecom. Part of the core team since the launch of Omnia, Suparna is passionate about offering clients cross media solutions, which is the essence of Omnia.

Acknowledging the fact that advertisers target consumers wherever they are, she firmly believes that campaigns should be fluid across platforms, and an accurate audience measurement system built around the audience is vital. Sensitive to latest global & local measurement trends – a shift away from silo measurements to an overall cross-platform measurement which thereby offers higher media efficiencies, Suparna is looking forward to driving change with a future ready measurement, eventually offering advertisers efficient audience coverage and engagement.

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